DunnAir Survives Growing Pains

 - September 11, 2006, 9:41 AM

DunnAir, which opened its doors for business earlier this year, had to shut them between August 4 and August 14 when founder and chief executive Dale Dunn and some of the Tucson-based completion center’s investors “had a slight difference of opinion. They thought they should own more of the company than I thought they should own,” said Dunn. “We’ve since signed a new agreement and made peace.”

He told AIN that when the majority of employees were furloughed on August 4, “There was never a question of them not coming back. We just asked them to take a few weeks off while we got things sorted out.” All those furloughed were back to work on August 14 and ready for the arrival of four new airplanes for major interior refurbishment work–a Falcon 900, a Hawker and two Gulfstreams.