Raisbadck Engineering Continues to enhance King Air line

 - September 11, 2006, 11:28 AM

A new nacelle wing locker called the Raisbeck Crown Locker has been approved for installation on the King Air C90/E90/C90GT and 200/B200/300/350.

According to Sam Jantzen Jr., Raisbeck Engineering’s vice president and general manager, the locker is designed to carry oversized luggage and full-size golf bags. The centerline height of the door has been increased by almost three inches, giving operators more vertical space. The Crown Locker for the C90 series will also incorporate the ice light housing and fuel inlet by extending the skirt to the firewall as in the current locker for the 200/B200 and 300/350.

Raisbeck Engineering also announced it has signed an agreement with Raytheon Aircraft through 2009 for the continuation of the Raisbeck dual aft body strakes and nacelle wing lockers to be factory standard on the King Air 350 production line. The strakes have been factory standard on the King Air 350 production line since 2000; the wing lockers have been factory standard since 2004.

“We are extremely pleased to have signed this agreement, which extends our current business relationship through 2009,” said Jantzen. “This multimillion-dollar agreement not only strengthens our relationship with Raytheon Aircraft as a strategic partner but sets the stage for future cooperative endeavors.”