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Cessna’s Pelton says new user fees groundless

 - September 28, 2006, 12:55 PM

Calls to replace the aviation fuel tax with a new user fee structure as a means of funding improvements to U.S. airspace management are not supported by a business case, according to Cessna Aircraft chairman, president and CEO Jack Pelton. Speaking to government and industry officials on Friday at the Washington Aero Club, Pelton said too many myths have been created to support calls for new user fees.

Among them were claims that the mechanism for funding the FAA is not working, that general aviation does pay its share for it use of the national air transportation system and that very light jets about to enter service will place a new burden on the system.

Pelton proposed a different approach, suggesting that investment in the national air transportation system be continued; a higher contribution be made to the FAA from the general fund; modernization with satellite and other technologies be made to increase efficiency; retention of the current revenue structure, including general aviation fuel taxes; a rejection of user fees for general aviation; and continued Congressional authority.