HAI Convention News

Everything but the kerosene smell

 - September 28, 2006, 11:29 AM

Flight-training-device builder Frasca International is demonstrating its TruFliteH 342 reconfigurable helicopter simulator with 220-degree visual display at Booth No. 3901. The TruFliteH 342, featuring the Olympus VisionPlex II projection system, is a generic helicopter flight-training device directed at the Schweizer 300, Bell 206 and Eurocopter EC 120 Koala class of aircraft. It can be tailored to a particular aircraft and, through other configuration kits, can be changed to represent additional aircraft, the company said. The Frasca trainer offers flight regimes and conditions for takeoff and landing; climb, cruise, descent and turns; hover (in and out of ground effect); translational flight autorotation; tail-rotor failure; and retreating blade stall.

The TruFliteH 342 includes dual flight controls, a realistic sound system providing rotor, engine and environmental sound cues, engine and aircraft system simulation, full IFR avionics and an instructor’s station.