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Wingspeed rolls out voice/data system

 - September 28, 2006, 11:38 AM

Wingspeed Corp. is unveiling a pair of new XLLink Iridium voice/datalink systems today that the company said will provide access to affordable flight tracking, two-way text messaging, voice calling and the aircraft communication addressing and reporting system (Acars) data service.

The new XLLink System Model L generates and sends messages containing aircraft GPS information to Wingspeed’s ground-based servers via the Iridium satellites. Wingspeed formats and routes data via a secure Internet connection to customers’ operation centers.

The system is integrated with Flight Explorer’s aircraft situation display software for tracking aircraft. Hence, operators can track their aircraft using just a PC with Internet access and Flight Explorer software. According to Wingspeed president Jim Becker, it costs about $3,000.

The other addition to the product line is the XLLink System Model H, which, in addition to flight tracking, offers voice calling over Iridium and can connect with a handheld PDA or electronic flight bag (EFB) to turn the aircraft into a node on the network. The complete system, not including a PDA or EFB, will retail for approximately $8,000 per aircraft, Becker said.

Wingspeed is offering live demonstrations of the systems during Heli-Expo’06 at  Booth No. 4123.