HAI Convention News

Wireless camera makes debut

 - September 28, 2006, 2:51 PM

The new mobile camera radio (MCR) from Microwave Radio Communications of North Billerica, Mass., is making its debut at Heli-Expo Booth No. 2901.

Optimized for electronic newsgathering, surveillance, search and rescue or security, the wireless MCR transmitter delivers quality video in a compact and rugged unit, the company said. It is designed to transmit live video to fixed, mobile or airborne receiver sites, and is compatible with the Microwave Radio’s RXL-HS and QuikVue-HS handheld receivers. The MCR incorporates field-proven technology, allowing a signal to get out in difficult areas while eliminating multi-pathing.

The MCR unit is available in three basic DC-powered configurations–stand-alone and two with battery mounting attachments. These attachments are integral to the MCR, and therefore must be ordered as such. Antennas can be cable connected or direct mounted. For direct mount, the camera’s co-linear antenna comes in 2 dBi or 4.5 dBi models.

The company said its QuikVue portable is the smallest handheld receiver/decoder in the industry. It features a high-resolution, 6.4-inch LCD color video screen and is small enough to be easily concealed for covert operations. A new feature exclusive to Microwave Radio Communications called link quality measures transmission signal strength and allows operators to monitor “cliff-effect,” minimizing sudden dropouts associated with digital microwave operations.

The RXL-HS digital receiver is a high-performance unit for public safety, homeland security and government applications.