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With Air Comm system, pilots can keep their cool in EC 145s

 - September 29, 2006, 5:19 AM

Air Comm Corp. (ACC) is displaying its new air-conditioning system for the Eurocopter EC 145 in Booth No. 1846. The system has dual cockpit evaporators and a dedicated cabin evaporator with an electrical load of 31 amps.

“The most significant advancement with this unit is that we’ve developed a specially designed evaporator that fits above the cabin headliner,” said Keith Steiner, ACC president. “This provides cabin cooling without intruding on passenger headroom.”

The cabin evaporator integrates directly into the existing headliner to provide a cold-air source from each headliner outlet. Steiner added that ACC has also been able to achieve a lower weight for the EC 145 system than was possible with the model for the Eurocopter EC 135.

The system also uses Air Comm’s Tork-Lokrefrigerant fittings that seat the O-ring in a grove that mates to a flat face. This method protects the O-ring from damage during installation, maintenance and service.

“In the five years we’ve been using this fitting, we have never had a report of an air-conditioner leak due to O-ring failure,” said ACC service manager Glen Pfankuch.