HAI Convention News

Lycoming advancing engine design

 - September 29, 2006, 7:20 AM

Lycoming Engines is devoting a generous portion of its Williamsport, Pa. plant to its Thunderbolt Advanced Technology Center, which is expected to produce advancements in design, parts and materials. The first such innovation, valve train roller tappet technology, is on view at its booth, No. 1319.

Ian Walsh, Lycoming Engines general manager, said yesterday that engines with the roller tappets that replace flat solid valve lifters are now being delivered to Cessna’s Independence, Kan. single-engine aircraft manufacturing plant and to engine overhaulers, remanufacturers and modification centers. The roller tappet implementation lessens friction between the valve lifter surface and crankshaft cam, to reduce wear and internal engine vibration. Walsh said an aircraft with the roller tappet lifters is perceptibly smoother in flight.

Lycomings with the roller tappet lifters will soon begin being delivered to Schweizer Helicopters for the OEM’s new-production machines.