HAI Convention News

Two LTS101 AStars handed to customers

 - September 29, 2006, 7:18 AM

Penetration of the Honeywell LTS101 turboshaft into the civil market continued yesterday at Heli-Expo’06 as Heli-Lynx Helicopter Services conveyed two AS 350BA AStar conversions to purchasers.

Heli-Lynx, of Stoney Creek, Ontario, performed the engine upgrade and a variety of other enhancements under a recently issued Transport Canada STC. Both aircraft, one for Abitibi Helicopters, based in Calgary, and the other for a private owner, Lynn Walton of Imlay, Mich., received the LTS101 600A3-A engine in place of the original Turbomeca Arriel A1A.

The result is increases from 4,600 to 4,960 pounds of internal gross weight, 4,960 to 5,200 pounds external gross weight, and better altitude performance. The Heli-Lynx 350FX1 refurb also included all new electrical system wiring, relays and components of North American origin, a new exhaust nozzle, digital engine instrumentation, tailboom strake and NVG-compatible luminescent instrument lighting.