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CMC HUD Comes to Super Lynx Helo

 - November 16, 2006, 11:14 AM

Military helicopter pilots don’t often get the chance to fly with a full head-up display, usually relying instead on helmet-mounted vision devices. Now, CMC Electronics has delivered its HeliHawk overhead HUDs and mission computers to AgustaWestland for the Super Lynx 300, the company announced here, and pilots couldn’t be happier. The crews flying the HUD-equipped Super Lynx 300 will benefit from new navigation and weapons delivery display capabilities. In the past, helicopter pilots have not been able to use a HUD, mainly due the lack of space in helicopter cockpits. The HeliHawk HUD, combined with so-called Operational Flight Programs and an open-architecture Mission Computer, has been developed as a complete navigation and weapons delivery system, according to CMC