Farnborough Air Show

Airports squeezed by conflicting requirements

 - November 27, 2006, 7:24 AM

French aerospace group Thales (Hall 3 Stand C5) has launched a new set of solutions aimed at transforming the airport security and safety environment.

Traffic growth and competitive pressures on profitability are combining with national and international regulations to make life hard for airports, according to market segment leader Jean-Luc Thouvenel. At the same time, airports are transforming themselves into multi-business operations as they enter the era of electronic business and communications.

Effective threat management, Thouvenel said, requires a holistic assessment of risks and vulnerabilities, and a security strategy entailing automated and network-enabled command and decision support. The Thales response is a global security integration approach.

Crisis Management Center

One element is the crisis management center, which must be able to interface with critical airport information systems and be interoperable with a wider chain of command, as well as being capable of managing communication with the public and the media. The safety and security operations center centralizes, integrates and fuses data coming from the various supervision centers. The centers must be able to receive, manage and classify alerts, authenticate and authorize access and deploy security resources for action.

The essence of security solutions, Thouvenel said, is the ability to detect abnormal behavior or illegal actions, with threat confirmation solutions to validate situation assessment. That dictates a combination of access control, video surveillance and anti-intrusion solutions integrated with safety and airport information systems via a network

Safety solutions include airport information, building management and public address systems, as well as alarms, fire control and airfield safety systems to secure against collision or incidents on airside.     –B.J.F.