EBACE Convention News

Zurich’s Exalit offers two versions of its EFB

 - November 29, 2006, 6:20 AM

Exalit of Zurich, Switzerland, offers an electronic flight bag (EFB) starting at $10,000. The system includes a base unit of 4.75 pounds and two display units of the customer’s choice. The D800 has a high luminescent 10.4-inch XGA screen (3.6 pounds) that displays Jeppesen charts at full size, while the smaller D350 has a space-saving 8.4-inch XGA screen and weighs 2.1 pounds. The system is also on display at the Jeppesen exhibit (Booth No. 1212).

Exalit has 12 installations flying, mostly in aircraft the size of the Challenger 600. The company, founded in 2001, is a well-established specialty electronics manufacturer, and all components of the EFB are certified to DO-160D RCTA standards. The FAA Advisory Circular 120.76A defines three categories for the use of EFBs on flight decks. Exalit’s EFB complies with all three classes.

According to the manufacturer, operating the equipment under Class 2 is a cost-efficient solution providing pilots with navigation information during all phases of flight. The system can also display moving map input from GPS receivers. Exalit or its installers hold STCs for several aircraft types.     –T.S.