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Eaton Aerospace has sights set on doubling its size in five years

 - December 1, 2006, 8:38 AM

U.S. fluid and mechanical systems company Eaton Aerospace has embarked on a buying spree that aimed at doubling its size within five years.

Vice-president sales and marketing Einar Johnson says the acquisitions “must be in line with our strategic goals.” Eaton would, he added, purchase companies that would position it to serve its increasing global customer base.

Johnson said yesterday the recent acquisitions of the HiTEMP and Stanley Aviation businesses of Cobham Fluid and Air and the PerkinElmer Fluid Sciences group would add $350 million to Eaton’s current $850 million business base. “These companies fit perfectly into Eaton’s strategy of building on a world-class fluid power and motion control, and fluid, fuel and air distribution pedigree,” said Johnson.   

Eaton has been selected by Hamilton Sundstrand Air Management Systems to supply ducting and associated hardware for the Boeing 787 nitrogen generating system and the cabin air conditioning and thermal control system. The company is also to supply hydraulic actuation control and fluid delivery components for the Airbus A400M military transport and the integrated electric pump package for the Airbus A380 that will provide 5000 psi of auxiliary power to the aircraft’s hydraulic system when on the ground.

Johnson says the latest acquisitions would achieve four key objectives: expand and strengthen Eaton’s position on major commercial and military platforms; broaden its customer base; expand into new aircraft systems and enhance aftermarket opportunities. “We’ll be able to provide more complete systems solutions to meet more complex emerging customer requirements,” he added.