Dubai Air Show

ACSS expanding on TCAS product

 - December 11, 2006, 5:43 AM

Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems (ACSS), an L-3 Communications & Thales company, is at Dubai 2005 (Stand E609) featuring its new SafeRoute software which provides flight and ground separation functions residing on a common computing platform.

The U.S. company has announced that a continuous descent arrivals (CDA) function is being added to the SafeRoute airborne merging and spacing (M&S) software. SafeRoute is a suite of ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast) software integrating and using Mode-S transponder, GPS and other advanced technology. It is being developed in partnership with U.S. package delivery giant United Parcel Service. Its first application for the world’s largest package carrier will be a fleet-wide installation expected to begin in mid-2007.

The computing platform, or surveillance processor, resides in the TCAS 3000, a third-generation traffic and collision avoidance system expected to be certified in the first quarter of next year aboard the Dassault Falcon 7X business jet.

SafeRoute is currently being marketed with two distinct functions. One is called SAMM (surface area movement management). Kris Ganase, ACSS president, said, United Parcel Service is putting TCAS 3000 SafeRoute on all 350 of its airplanes. It is incorporating both SAMM and the and M&S function that UPS predicts will save 880,000 gallons of fuel a year for its fleet.

“The CDA enhancement,” Ganase continued, “will end the need to perform ‘step-down’ maneuvers as they approach the airport for landing.” He expects the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to embrace the autonomous airborne separation functions of M&S, which he said will ensure more consistent aircraft spacing while increasing capacity and efficiency within the terminal airspace.

The SAMM application gives flight crews an airport surface map and tracks the movements of their aircraft and other ground and airborne traffic in the terminal area, alerting crews to potential conflicts.