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Fidelity sells Bell 222 sim to Air Alpha

 - February 19, 2007, 9:11 AM

Danish operator Air Alpha A/S announced that it has finalized details on the purchase of a Motus Bell 222 flight simulation device from Fidelity Flight Simulation. Type specific to the Bell 222U, the simulator will include Fidelity’s six-axis motion base, LCD Mosaic Wall external visual display and dynamic control loading. Air Alpha will use the device for crew training to support its European and Greenland flight operations as well as offer training to other operators.

Fidelity, based in Pittsburgh, will use the shell of a salvaged 222 for cockpit authenticity and will include all nonnormal and emergency functions to meet all training criteria. The Mosaic Wall display will offer a 150-foot horizontal field of view and include worldwide topographical, airport and navaid databases. Fidelity will assist Air Alpha in obtaining JAR-STD 2H, level-2 approval.

“Air Alpha has enjoyed working with Fidelity,” said Paul Lübbert, Air Alpha managing director. “We are proud to be the first to present the unique device in the European market, and we are sure this will open new doors for your company in the future.”

Fidelity Flight Simulation is exhibiting its simulator products in Booth No. 2028.