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Appareo Systems debuts flight monitoring tool

 - March 12, 2007, 11:35 AM

Appareo Systems, a small technology company from Fargo, N.D., announced yesterday it has partnered with Gulf Coast giant Air Logistics, a Bristow Group company, to produce an interesing flight monitoring tool called Aircraft Logging and Event Recording for Training and Safety (Alerts).

Alerts is a completely independent system that has the ability to monitor all flight parameters, including speed, altitude, heading, bank angle, g-loading and rate of climb or descent. The data is then downloaded and analyzed using the company’s software. From there, the users choose how to apply the data. According to Air Logistics president Mike Suldo, the choice for his company came down to safety. “Seventy-five percent of accidents are human error,” he said. “We were looking for a way to improve that.”

Appareo said the system is applicable to all aircraft. Currently it is working on supplemental type certificate (STC) approval for the Bell 206/407. “We are targeting a June 1 ship date,” said Appareo’s director of sales and marketing, Michael Jablon. However, Jablon admits that the certification process has not begun. For a company that has not been through the FAA certification ringer, delays are possible.

Other than the low price of $4,950, the strength of the system is the associated software available for interface with the data. Users of the system personalize certain parameter limits. The system then generates a report.