HAI Convention News

Switlik outfits USCG with dry suits

 - March 12, 2007, 12:10 PM

Switlik Parachute won a contract to provide its U-Zip-It aircrew dry suit to the U.S. Coast Guard. The dry suit, which can be viewed at Switlik’s booth (No. 722), features a low-slung zipper that makes the suit easier to slip on. To help aviators move more freely, the suit includes articulating elbow and knee patches.

According to Switlik, the U-Zip-It is being evaluated by the U.S. Army’s Air Warrior program and other military organizations. The dry suit is made of breathable, fire-resistant material available in orange, tactical black and sage green. Switlik is also showing its compact one-man inflatable single-place left raft (ISPLR), 500 of which have been delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard and 300 to the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Available in a belt-back, carry-on valise (six inches in diameter, 12 inches long and weighing 5.4 pounds) or vacuum packed for easy storage, the ISPLR offers a low-slung floor that helps make the raft more comfortable plus a fully reversible buoyancy tube and canopy system. The ISPLR is fully enclosable for weather protection and provides 180 pounds of buoyancy.