Extex extends R-R 250 parts warranties

 - March 15, 2007, 10:54 AM

Helicopter owners who use after-market parts made by Extex (Booth No. 3109) under the FAA’s PMA (parts manufacturer approval) rules can now benefit from the company’s new customer assurance program (CAP).

The program, which Extex president and CEO Larry Shiembob said is the first of its kind in the PMA industry, guarantees reimbursement for any downstream damage to engines resulting from the failure of an Extex part. The Extex CAP covers all costs to restore engines to airworthy condition and is designed specifically for Rolls-Royce 250 users, who make up the majority of Extex’s customer base.

“PMA companies are always at a disadvantage,” Shiembob told HAI Convention News. “We’re the little guy, and everybody thinks it’s safer to go with the big guy. Yes, there’s a risk, but we’ve got a track record that we’re comfortable with.”
Only users of Extex-approved engine shops (ChoiceAlliance partners) are eligible for CAP, which does not cover normal wear and tear or change the existing Extex warranty. There is no extra charge for participating in the program.

Though Shiembob said the 250 engine will continue to bring Extex a fair share of business, he predicts growth in the market for parts for Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PT6 turboprop engines.

Extex employs 21 people at its Gilbert, Ariz. headquarters.