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Max-Viz imaging STC'd on more helos

 - March 15, 2007, 11:08 AM

Max-Viz, has expanded the list of helicopters on which its EVS-1000 thermal imaging system has been certified since Heli-Expo 2006, announcing the addition of the Bell 206 and LongRanger series, the 407, 412 and 412EP.

At the beginning of this year, the Portland, Ore. enhanced-vision system (EVS) manufacturer had fielded more than 250 infrared imaging systems in fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. In all, EVS-1000 installations are certified on the Sikorsky S-76A, B, C and C+; the Eurocopter EC 135 series, EC 145 and AS 355; BK 117; Agusta A109 Power; and Bell AH-1 Cobra (for the U.S. Forest Service). Late last year, EMS operator Air Evac LifeTeam in Arkansas signed to install 40 EVS-1000 systems in its Bell 206 fleet.

Max-Viz IR imaging and display installations use uncooled microbolometer cameras that are smaller, lighter and less costly than cryogenically cooled IR sensor packages. While all of the Max-Viz helicopter EVS certifications use a single sensor tuned to the 12- to 14-micron (long-wave) portion of the infrared spectrum, several fixed-wing installations use a two-sensor EVS-2000 package that blends both long-wave and short-wave (3- to 5-micron) imagery.

The long-wave receptor penetrates dust and “sees” weaker thermal energy sources, while the short wave–being closer to visible light–offers a better view of runway lights and ramp illumination.