Recounting the legacy

 - March 15, 2007, 11:09 AM

Sergei Sikorsky charmed some 300 Heli-Expo attendees at the Sikorsky booth (No. 2339) on Thursday, with “Recollections of a Pioneer.” Sikorsky stood before a projection of historic footage and photographs, beginning with his father Igor’s earliest sketches for a single-rotor, single-tail machine, which scientists of the day called “impossible.” Sikorsky’s voice shifted from the stoic, when he said, “I can only tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that this brings back memories, and I get a bit raspy in the throat, even today.” The host called for questions but the audience could not compose a single one befitting the emotional scene. Finally, Dianne Farrell, an exhibitor with Northrop Grumman, inched forward to thank Sikorsky for the company’s firefighting helicopter, which she said saved her home when she was a child.