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Sky Connect’s satcom dialers work with NVGs

 - March 15, 2007, 10:30 AM

Responding to the increased use of night-vision goggles (NVG) among helicopter operators, particularly in the air medical, law enforcement and offshore oil sectors, Sky Connect is introducing its new NVG lighting-compatible satcom dialers at Heli-Expo 2007 Booth No. 1110.

Sky Connect of Takoma Park, Md., enhances the utility of its automated satellite-based tracking system, secure voice telephony and dedicated text-messaging services by making them available while crews make use of NVG’s safety enhancing capabilities.

The mission management unit (MMU) dialer enables users to call stored numbers (by name) or any as-needed phone numbers. Users may also preprogram text messages to quickly send flight plans, as well as patient status or aircraft status, for example.
With the 11PD NVG/NVIS dialer, pilots and crews can dial 11 prestored numbers. This dialer interfaces with the Sky Connect tracking system with provisions for emergency and special status notifications.

Both dialers are designed for use in cockpits where components must meet strict guidelines for illumination during the use of night-vision goggles and both may be immediately integrated for use in night-vision equipped cockpits.

Sky Connect specializes in combining multiple features into single transceiver units for voice, tracking and data. Its products are based on a design architecture that easily accommodates specific mission requirements.