Preliminary Report: King Air Crashes on Approach in IMC

 - March 16, 2007, 10:43 AM

RAYTHEON BEECH KING AIR B200, MORLAN, GA., DEC. 4, 2003–At 7:40 p.m. EST King Air N85BK crashed while on a localizer approach to Runway 32 at the Newnan Cowet County Airport (CCO) near Morlan. Both the ATP-rated pilot and commercial-rated pilot were killed, and the aircraft was destroyed by the impact and ensuing fire.

N85BK, registered to Eagle Air Holding of Wilmington, Del., was being operated by Southeastern Air Charter under Part 91 and was on an IFR flight plan in IMC. The two pilots were the only occupants of the repositioning flight, which originated earlier at Douglas, Ga., with CCO as its destination.

Witnesses at CCO told investigators that they heard the pilot announce over unicom that he was 10 miles out and on approach to Runway 32. The witnesses said they looked at the weather computer and saw that the ceiling was down to 150 to 200 feet and they were wondering who would attempt to land under these conditions. They said they never heard any other radio calls from the accident airplane.

Residents in the local area telephoned 911 and reported what they believed to have been an airplane crash. The airplane wreckage was located one mile south of Runway 32.

On-scene examination of the wreckage site revealed that numerous trees in a densely wooded area were broken and the airplane rested on a 320-degree magnetic heading one mile short of the runway. The fuselage was resting about 350 feet from the first broken tree. Both wings and horizontal stabilizers were separated from the airframe and were found along the wreckage path. The fuselage was fire damaged. On December 6 the airplane was recovered and moved to Atlanta Air Recovery in Griffin, Ga., for further examination.