Harrods and Volvo team up for TFE731 support

 - July 23, 2007, 10:39 AM

Honeywell TFE731 maintenance shops at Harrods Aviation in Farnborough, UK, and Sweden’s Volvo Aero have signed a service agreement combining their offerings. The result is a one-stop, heavy maintenance and overhaul team fully supporting the popular turbofan. Honeywell has designated Harrods’ engine shop a major service center, while Volvo Aero has offered heavy maintenance on the TFE731 Classic, -20, -40 and -60 variants. Like its network of UK FBOs, the Harrods engine shop is fully owned by the renowned UK department store of the same name. Harrods’ shop supports more than 200 engines for its customers, according to the company. Harrods received Honeywell’s STAAR rating for engine service last year.