E-Charts, video certified in Gulfstream PlaneView cockpit

 - July 24, 2007, 9:16 AM

The FAA has issued a follow-on certification for the Honeywell-developed PlaneView avionics suite in the Gulfstream 500 and 550 that lets pilots view electronic charts and video on the flight displays.

The approval gives PlaneView-equipped airplanes the added capability of integrating Jeppesen navigation charts, external video images and the view from the HUD-based enhanced vision system on the cockpit displays. As part of the certification package, Gulfstream was also able to add a number of features, including vertical navigation (Vnav) integrated within the FMS.

Gulfstream reports it is in the process of upgrading PlaneView cockpits for in-service G500s and G550s at its service centers in Savannah, Ga., Long Beach, Calif., and London Luton Airport. The e-charts and video capability will also be a part of the PlaneView avionics for the in-development G450 and G350, according to Gulfstream.