New York legislators continue to push mandate of general airport security

 - July 25, 2007, 4:49 AM

New York state legislators are moving forward on a bill that would impose burdensome restrictions for aircraft owners and operators at general aviation airports throughout the state. The bill– A10543, entitled “The Terrorism Prevention, Preparedness and Enforcement Act”–is described by the state as “a comprehensive plan to enhance the safety of New York’s citizens by severely penalizing those who commit or would commit terrorist acts, and to improve New York’s ability to prevent and respond to incidents.”

Parts I and K of the bill propose to add several security requirements for operators of general aviation airports, including mandatory compliance with the TSA’s general aviation airport security guidelines, verification of passengers and cargo, and development of emergency maps and contacts.

Meanwhile, NBAA has written to New York governor George Pataki to express its concern over some parts of the bill. For more details on the bill, contact Dean Saucier at NBAA (