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EASA okays RVSM in Citation 500 series

 - September 24, 2007, 11:15 AM

JetTech has received a reduced vertical separations minimum (RVSM) supplemental type certificate (STC) from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for Cessna’s Citation 500 series.

The new EASA STC will allow the aircraft series to be brought into compliance with RVSM requirements to legally operate between FL290 and FL410.

The award follows a similar STC from the Federal Aviation Administration covering the Citation 500, 501, 550 and 551. In addition, the STC issued to JetTech (Booth No. 1819) is the only approved solution for Citation aircraft with serial numbers earlier than 275 and equipped with the factory-installed Bendix autopilots and Honeywell digital altimeters, the company said.

“With the EASA approval,” said Rob Irwin, founder of JetTech, “we now effectively cover all Citation 500 aircraft registered on two continents.” He added that while providing an RVSM solution, owner/operators are extending the useful life of the aircraft.

Operators have complained that there was no cost-effective after-market RVSM solution for this older family of Citations. The JetTech solution comes in a kit priced at $69,900 that can be installed at certified repair stations.

Included in the kit are two Honeywell AM-250 digital altimeters to replace the existing barometric altimeters. They retain much of the same wiring and exceed FAA standards for accuracy. Also included is an air data interface unit, pitot/static plumbing and fittings, wiring harness and documentation to support the installation process.