Misrigged control cable contributed to fatal crash

 - October 2, 2007, 11:32 AM

The NTSB last month issued a probable cause for the crash of
a Colgan Air Beech 1900 that killed two pilots during a ferry
flight on August 26 last year. The Safety Board determined that mechanics misrigged an elevator trim cable. Shortly after takeoff, the pilots reported a runaway trim and manually selected nose-up trim. However, the elevator trim traveled to the full nose-down position. The control column forces subsequently increased to
250 pounds, resulting in loss of control of the airplane, which seconds later crashed into Nantucket Sound. The NTSB also cited a misrigged control cable as a factor in the Jan. 8, 2003, crash of an Air Midwest Beech 1900D in Charlotte, N.C., where all 21 occupants died (AIN, April, page 1).