Progress on Falcon 900DX

 - October 3, 2007, 11:02 AM

The front section of Dassault’s first Falcon 900DX completed assembly at the group’s Paris-area Argenteuil factory in the middle of last month and is due to be delivered to the Biarritz fuselage assembly line before the end of this month. Dassault launched the 4,100-nm DX in late May as a successor to the 900C (offering 300 nm more range) and it will feature the EASy flight deck and the more efficient Honeywell TFE731-60 engines that power the longer-range 900EX.

Dassault is increasing Falcon production to five aircraft (of all types) per month. From the end of the year, the company will assemble all Falcon fuselages at its Biarritz factory in the far southwest of France, with the imminent transfer of this stage of the Falcon 2000 production process from the Martignas plant in the Bordeaux area. Martignas will continue to assemble all Falcon wings.