Signature Hops on Internet-reservation Bandwagon

 - October 3, 2007, 4:50 AM

With the recent activation of ConciAir, Signature Flight Support has joined the list of FBOs offering online servicing orders. ConciAir enables customers to order fuel, food, hangar space and other services, as well as make hotel reservations and ground transportation arrangements at not only the 49 Signature locations around the world but also, in an unusual non-partisan move, at more than 600 other FBOs across the U.S. User requests are confirmed via e-mail from Signature FBOs, said Signature president and CEO Beth Haskins. Non-Signature FBOs receive a faxed reservation request form detailing the customer’s information. Haskins said that ConciAir maintains all trip information in one location and provides an “accurate, written record of requests and confirmations for registered users.” Users can also simplify the reservation process by creating crew and aircraft profiles.