Typical War-risk Insurance Coverage Wording

 - October 4, 2007, 6:27 AM

The following is typical wording found in most aviation aircraft insurance policies addressing exposures covered under war risks. While wording may differ from one insurer to another, all carry similar overall content and intent. It is always advisable to have a qualified aviation attorney examine the policy to determine whether the coverage meets the requirements of your aircraft.

War-risk insurance typically covers bodily injury, mental anguish or damage to someone else’s property, medical expenses or loss or damage to your aircraft caused by:
• Declared or undeclared war, invasion, rebellion or by the seizure or the detention of your aircraft by any government or authority taken by force.

• Strikes, riots, civil commotions or labor disturbances.

• Hijacking or any unlawful seizure or control of the aircraft or its crew in-flight (including any attempt at such seizure of control) made by anyone on board the aircraft, acting without your consent.

• Any act of one or more persons, whether or not they are agents of a sovereign power, for political or terrorist purposes and whether or not the claim arises from accidental or intentional causes.

• Malicious acts or acts of sabotage.

Source: AirSure Limited, aviation insurance brokers