In the Works: Ibis Ae270

 - October 4, 2007, 8:32 AM

Ibis Aerospace expects to have its second prototype (S/N 003) flying on November 2 for a demonstration to the board of directors, as long as the weather cooperates in Prague. The single turboprop’s Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42A was being tested last month in preparation for the flight. Earlier this year the company said the airplane would fly in February, then June and then September. Meanwhile, the first Ae270P prototype had accumulated more than 200 hr on 188 flights. According to Jeff Conrad, v-p of marketing, certification of the type still “looks reachable in midsummer next year if S/N 003 flies a parallel test program,” as it is expected to do. Static structural testing of S/N 004 is complete and long-term fatigue testing has revealed no premature failures. S/N 005, the first of the PT6A-66A powered Ae270HP models, is in the fuselage jigs and not expected to fly until next March or April. Since the Paris Air Show, Ibis has converted 12 of 24 purchase memorandums of understanding to firm orders, bringing its confirmed orders to 39 aircraft and MOUs to 12 aircraft. At the rescheduled NBAA Convention next month, Ibis plans to display its full-size fuselage mockup with an updated executive interior, said Conrad. He also expects to announce additional distributor agreements.