Exxon introduces FBO training program

 - October 8, 2007, 6:13 AM

It’s called PremierCare. Introduced September 21, the certification program is aimed at FBO line-service technicians throughout the ExxonMobil system, with an emphasis on the company’s elite Avitat aviation-service locations. The program is organized in two tiers–an initial program for new hires and advanced training for experienced employees. Each level consists of eight modules that cover safety, fuels and refueling procedures, aircraft servicing, quality control, customer service and more. The courses are available on video and CD-ROM formats, augmented by hands-on practical reviews from supervisory personnel.

Once a line technician passes the initial training, he or she wears a silver-embellished PremierCare patch on the left uniform sleeve. The advanced training patch is embellished in gold.