Mercury Aviation Responds to Terrorist Attacks

 - October 8, 2007, 12:05 PM

Mercury Air Group CEO Joe Czyzyk has directed the company’s Mercury Air Centers to provide free use of their facilities nationwide for any private or military aircraft on a humanitarian mission to New York, as long as there is a need and the flight is a verifiable relief operation. Mercury will provide fuel to these aircraft at cost and will not charge ramp fees. Pilots should contact Mercury’s Brian Swift at (770) 454-5001 to coordinate their arrival. Mercury Air Centers operates FBOs at 19 airports throughout the U.S.

“This act of war needs to be met by everyday people in whatever walk of life doing whatever they can to help. As an aviation company, we hope to be able to help facilitate lifesaving travel of supplies and personnel to New York and we call upon all of our customers to consider helping out by allowing their aircraft to be used under FEMA’s guidance,” said Czyzyk, who has lived in New York City and has a number of close friends who worked at the World Trade Center.