Rockwell Collins gains approval for first LAAS-capable MMR

 - October 8, 2007, 9:03 AM

Rockwell Collins has received the industry’s first TSO approval for a multi-mode receiver (MMR) with local-area augmentation system (LAAS) functionality, the avionics maker announced last month. The Collins GLU-925 MMR is the first to include LAAS and GPS landing system (GLS) capability in addition to ILS mode.

Rockwell Collins touted the new product and GLS for keeping the promise of bringing “economical precision approach capability to runways and airports not currently served by the traditional ILS.” GLS is designed to work with LAAS ground stations to provide precision landing capability. The initial certification will cover Category I GLS approaches, with Category II and III capability expected within four years.

The Collins system will be offered in the Boeing 737NG this fall, with other Boeing models, including the Boeing Business Jet, also to be offered with the upgrade. Boeing recently completed a series of GLS test flights using the Collins MMR equipment in Brazil at Rio’s Santos Dumont Airport. The FAA’s LAAS program has stalled, but industry observers believe the program will regain momentum in the near term, possibly with some level of funding from LAAS equipment manufacturers.