Challenger 604 Operator Sues Bombardier, GE

 - October 9, 2007, 11:46 AM

David Wetherell, the chairman of Boston-based CMGI, and Kittridge Aviation are suing Bombardier and GE over what they allege are “undisclosed dangerous defects” in their new Challenger 604 following two separate in-flight engine failures (left and right engines) within a six-week period. According to the plaintiffs’ lawyers, the suit follows Bombardier’s refusal to take back the aircraft, purchased last February, and refund all the costs related to the acquisition, completion and operations of the GE CF34 turbofan-powered business jet. The plaintiffs also base their suit on what they see as a history of unresolved failures of the CF34 engine. Bombardier and GE declined to comment.