Congress Asked To Pressure FAA on Incursions

 - October 9, 2007, 12:25 PM

The NTSB has asked Congress to “convince the FAA of the need for immediate action” to prevent runway incursions. In an August 29 letter to 12 members of Congress, Safety Board chairman Carol Carmody and two Board members said the NTSB has issued 100 recommendations regarding runway incursions since 1983. The issue has been on the Safety Board’s list of “Most Wanted Safety Improvements” since 1990. The NTSB went on to say that the FAA’s implementation of the airport movement area safety system (AMASS) and airport surface detection equipment (ASDE-X) at 59 U.S. airports are both “unlikely to be sufficient to prevent runway collisions” because they provide no alert directly to pilots.