Flight Options Shows Greatest Share Gain

 - October 9, 2007, 11:47 AM

According to research from AvData, Amstat and ARG/US,  Cleveland, Ohio-based Flight Options had a share-owner increase of 20.5 percent (from 541 owners to 652 owners) between December 31 last year through June 30 this year, the largest percentage increase of four major fractional aircraft ownership providers (including NetJets, Flexjet and Travel Air). As of last June, Flight Options had a 16-percent share of the owner market. NetJets of Columbus, Ohio came in second with a 14.6-percent increase in shares in the 18-month period between last December and this June, but the firm continues to lead the fractional market with 47.2 percent of all shareholders represented by these four major operators (1,932 owners out of a total of 4,090).