Factual Report: Fatal overrun in Del Rio

 - October 10, 2007, 11:13 AM

LEARJET 25B, DEL RIO, TEXAS, SEPT. 19, 2003–Learjet 25B N666TW was destroyed when it overran the departure end of Runway 13 while landing at the Del Rio International Airport (DRT). The ATP-rated captain was killed, and the first officer was seriously injured. VMC prevailed for the Part 91 repositioning flight. The airplane was being operated by Ameristar Jet Charter, of Dallas, a Part 135 on-demand air taxi cargo operator. That morning, the flight started from Jackson Hole, Wyo., making intermediate stops at Los Angeles and El Paso, Texas.

A witness at the FBO stated that the airplane was “high and fast” and he was expecting it to execute a go-around. A second witness said the airplane was going so fast that he “thought it was taking off instead of landing.”

A third witness said that the airplane landed with a slight tailwind, although the wind was reported variable at four knots. Another witness observed “that the airplane was going very fast” and noted that it landed past Taxiway Charlie, which is about 1,875 feet short of the departure end of Runway 13.

The pilot of a King Air on the ramp reported that the flaps appeared to be fully extended and he did not hear the engines spool up in an attempt to abort the landing.

The airplane overran the departure end of Runway 13, hit the perimeter fence, proceeded across a roadway and struck trees.

The captain had flown into DRT 83 times and the first officer had flown into DRT 25 times, but this was the first time they had flown into DRT as a crew. After recovering from her injuries, the first officer had no recollection of the approach or landing.

A level of 36 percent of carbon monoxide was detected in the pilot’s blood. The left-side airspeed indicator casing was burned and the airspeed bug was at approximately 118 knots. The right was at approximately 112 knots.