Dubai Air Show

Arinc’s VM use promises cost cuts for airlines, airports

 - November 11, 2007, 7:30 PM

Arinc (Stand W416) has unveiled a gate check-in system that aims to cut costs for airports and airlines by allowing them to take advantage of so-called “common-use” passenger check-in platforms.

Arinc’s Muse technology lets several airlines share the same gates using common workstations in an arrangement that streamlines and simplifies gate check-in procedures, the company said.

The latest in the Muse family of software applications is VMuse, a computing platform that supports airlines’ proprietary check-in applications without requiring them to make software modifications or worry about other airlines using the same gates. Arinc unveiled VMuse last week at an airline IT managers conference in Singapore. Company officials are here at the Dubai Air Show demonstrating the software ahead of its official rollout planned for early next year.

Besides simplifying check-in procedures, VMuse also promises to save airlines and airports money by eliminating the need to buy costly custom printers and special boarding passes. With the software, airlines can print boarding passes on regular printer paper using inexpensive consumer printers.