Winglets give Hawker 800 a boost in range

 - November 14, 2007, 9:09 AM

Aviation Partners said 30 hr of initial flight testing of its winglets installed on a Hawker 800 (designated the 800SP) has verified a 7-percent reduction in cruise fuel consumption, netting an increase of 150 to 200 nm in range, “significant” improvement in takeoff second segment climb, better payload capability from hot-and-high airports and optimum cruise altitudes of about 2,000 ft higher.

Seattle-based Aviation Partners, which provides winglets for Boeing 737s (including the BBJ) and the Gulfstream II, is using a Hawker 800 provided by Dennis Washington Group of Missoula, Mont. Aviation Partners announced in March last year that it intended to offer winglets on the Hawker 700 and 800 series.

Installation of the composite blended winglets requires removal of a section of the Hawker’s prominent aileron horn balance and the addition of leading-edge weights for aileron balance. Certification is expected next summer. Installed price is expected to cost about $350,000, significantly less than the $520,000 price for the GII winglet installation.

The company also said that step climbs can be reduced or eliminated for shorter trips on winglet-equipped Hawker 800s. Aviation Partners claims the standard Hawker 800 with winglets should be able to cruise at Mach 0.75 to 0.76 with the same fuel burn as cruising at Mach 0.73 to 0.74. (That’s about 15 kt faster.)