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Bental’s actuator family welcomes new member

 - February 11, 2008, 8:58 AM

Bental Industries has introduced a new member of its family of rotary servo actuators. The RSA-06 unit delivers up to 9.6 pounds per foot of torque at a stroke of +/- 45 degrees. The Israeli group’s RSA actuators are used for functions such as flap controls on small unmanned aerial vehicles. They provide an extremely low power-to-weight/size ratio.

The actuators consist of permanent magnet brushless servomotors, reduction gear, a feedback sensor on the output shaft, electronic servo controls and amplifiers. They are installed in a lightweight, compact aluminum case. Options include digital position commands and both mechanical and electrical interfaces that can be modified to meet specific customer requirements.

Bental specializes in innovative motion technologies such as brush and brushless motors, permanent magnet generators, electronic drivers and controllers, servo actuators and stabilized gimbal systems.