Singapore Air Show

CMC boots up TacView display here

 - February 17, 2008, 10:14 PM

CMC Electronics is displaying its TacView portable mission display for the first time, here at the Singapore Airshow. In October 2007 the U.S. Air Force chose TacView was chosen for its AC-130 gunships. Measuring five by seven inches, the touch-sensitive display can serve many functions, including targeting imagery, moving maps, checklists and approach charts. It is small enough to mount in virtually any cockpit, and it has a knee-pad option. Two are installed in the AC-130 to display aircraft data and procedure manuals.

This month Airbus Transport International chose the Canadian company to supply a new flight management system (FMS) as part of the retrofit program involving five A300-600ST Beluga aircraft. ATI uses the Super Transporters to carry large Airbus assemblies between factory sites. The Belugas are receiving a dual FMA-9000 FMS installation. Lufthansa has already selected the same unit for retrofit on 14 A300-600s.

CMC Electronics makes a range of display systems, including the SparrowHawk 25-degree head-up display, which can display both stroke and raster imagery. In April, the company is to deliver the last of 25 SparrowHawk systems for the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s 25 Pilatus PC-21 trainers. As well as the front-cockpit HUD, the system includes a video display repeater in the back cockpit. CMC has supplied HUDs to Pilatus since 1991, and has provided units for Bulgarian and Irish PC-9Ms. As well as the HUD, CMC provides the CMA-9000 flight management system for the PC-21, while its PilotView electronic flight bag and SureSight enhanced vision system are both factory options.

The company is also heavily involved in another turbo-trainer program, supplying a complete avionics suite for the 40 Korea Aerospace Industries KT-1C trainers under construction for the Turkish air force. CMC Electronics was selected as the avionics supplier for the program in January 2003 and has now been hired to integrate its Cockpit 4000 suite. This includes two open-architecture mission computers, SparrowHawk HUD, upfront controller panels in front and rear cockpits, air data computer, HUD camera and a data transfer unit. Cockpit 4000 allows the KT-1C to emulate the mission management systems and avionics found in current fighters.