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AgustaWestland Leads ‘Green’ Initiative

 - February 18, 2008, 11:45 AM

AgustaWestland kicked off a meeting in Brussels on February 5 of the so-called Clean Sky Program. A founding member of the Clean Sky initiative and co-leader of the Green Rotorcraft Integrated Technology Demonstration project, the European helicopter builder wants to develop and produce cleaner and quieter helicopters, which it says could boost their roles in future air transport systems. AgustaWestland (Booth Nos. 3039 and 3441) says it is committed to investing in technologies and processes that protect the environment in all phases of rotorcraft activity, from manufacturing to operation to disposal. The company is also working to improve rotorcraft efficiency and cut noise. It  said it is investing its own money to meet the emerging green environmental challenges and will further contribute to this objective by its direct involvement in Clean Sky.