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Apical Industries gains EASA OK for R44 pop-out emergency floats

 - February 18, 2008, 1:27 PM

Dart Helicopter subsidiary Apical Industries gained EASA approval for its pop-out/emergency floats for the Robinson R44 and R44 II, the company announced. The floats represent a lightweight, easy-to-install option for operators who routinely or even occasionally fly over water, Apical said, adding that the kit is also suitable for installation on the R44 Clipper.

The four-float system can be mounted on float tubes or standard skids. Each float includes inlet check valves and combination manual topping/pressure relief valves. One option includes skid extensions to ensure the standard skid gear float compatible. The floats may be inflated at up to 5,500 feet above the landing surface and have no age limit.

Dart Helicopter Services arrived at Heli-Expo’08 with a basket of STC’d products on display at Booth Nos. 33, 35 and 2263. Its subsidiary and affiliated companies own more than 400 certifications, manufacture more than 500 products and distribute more than 1,300 aftermarket products to 120 countries. The company previously earned certifications for the float kit from the FAA and Transport Canada.

Apical Industries is here at Heli-Expo with a trio of float, life raft and gear door enclosure kit products. Apical announced it has also received FAA approval of a nose landing gear door kit for AB139/AW139 helicopters, with Transport Canada and EASA approvals pending. The bolt-on kit reduces drag and cabin noise associated with an open front wheelhouse while improving service life and resisting water absorption. It can be installed as a stand alone or as a replacement kit, and uses factory provisions found on all aircraft.

Apical has also received EASA approval for an AgustaWestland AW139 life raft kit previously approved by the FAA and Transport Canada. It includes two externally mounted raft pod assemblies and an inflation reservoir with a mechanical activation system that inflates both rafts.

Each pod assembly features a twin-tube 10-man reversible raft and an integrated passenger step as well as a canopy and survival kit. The rafts are deployed with two cockpit mounted T-handle levers mounted along the pilot and copilot door frames, and one T-handle on the passenger compartment sub-floor, easily reached through an access panel.