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Safety Bucks tally nears $5M

 - February 18, 2008, 8:12 AM

United States Aircraft Insurance Group (USAIG) has donated more than $4.8 million to date in training costs to help Bell, American Eurocopter, MD Helicopters and Agusta operators who participate in a preferred policy program, the New York-based insurance company announced.

The operators receive up to $30,000 per year–in the form of USAIG “Safety Bucks”–for flight and maintenance training. The certificates can be redeemed at FlightSafety International or through the OEMs’ own training facilities.

USAIG introduced the Safety Bucks program at the 1996 Heli-Expo. To qualify for the program, an operator must be enrolled in the preferred policy program for one year, satisfy all membership requirements and renew its insurance with USAIG. As of this month, the program included 65 operators and 175 helicopters.

Recent recipients of USAIG’s Safety Bucks include Memphis, Tenn.-based Hospital Wing, a non-profit air ambulance service, which received $14,960 for flight and mechanic training, and Erlanger Health System’s air medical program, Life Force, which last year received $19,138.