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Electric horizon for Robinson R22, R44

 - February 23, 2008, 8:29 AM

Robinson Helicopter (Booth No. 2531) has upgraded its R22 and R44 helicopter cockpits
with Mid-Continent Instruments’ Model 4300 electric attitude indicators, the instrument manufacturer (Booth No. 1615) announced Friday.

The 4300 is “perfect for mission critical helicopters like the R22 and R44” because it underwent advanced testing to ensure performance under extreme conditions, according to Matt Fowle, Mid-Continent Western region manager. “From a pilot perspective, these indicators excel in the rugged day-to-day activities that helicopter operators experience,” Fowle said. “We made sure that critical internal parts were designed to withstand these operations, whether it be flight schools or law-enforcement duties.”

Fowle added that the indicators have a mean time between failure of 7,500 hours, which results in a lifespan that is two to three times greater than that of previous-generation attitude indicators. “With the increased MTBF, the cost of ownership is about half of what other indicators cost,” he said.