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ARG/US offers audits tailored to operator’s role

 - February 24, 2008, 3:31 PM

Aviation Research Group/U.S. (ARG/US) said it has written a series of standards for on-site safety audits that are specific to helicopter operators. The ARG/US series begins with requirements that are common to virtually all types of operation and
all types of helicopters, with a line of additional standards designed to be of particular use to air medical operations, electronic news gathering (ENG), utility, offshore, law enforcement and corporate or charter operations. ARG/US is offering samples for review this week at its Heli-Expo booth (No. 1733) and a subscription at a special price during show week.

Joseph Moeggenberg, president of ARG/US, said, “Although we are a new entrant in the helicopter segment, we see a safety culture that is growing quickly.”

Moeggenberg opened discussions with operators in a number of segments even
as standards were in development, and he said he expects to sign some agreements within a few months. He cited interest from hospital operators seeking a path to verify their safety and compliance programs via a third party and also alluded
to ENG and law enforcement operators who have sought methods to formalize safety using internal audits.

In 2001, ARG/US introduced its aviation safety officer support (ASOS) program, meant to support operators as they initiate their first safety management system review. The company considers its ASOS product a precursor to the Advisory Circular 120-92–Introduction to Safety Management Systems for Air Operators–released by the FAA in 2006.

Other programs offered by ARG/US from its offices in Cincinnati, Denver and Doylestown, Pa., include charter evaluation and qualification (CHEQ), aircraft operating costs available by individual report or by subscription and consulting service on budgeting and aircraft acquisition.