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OuterLink seeks to put operators more in touch

 - February 24, 2008, 7:31 AM

OuterLink, a Lowell, Mass. company that specializes in mobile asset tracking, is at Heli-Expo 2008 promoting the latest version of its CommTrack satellite-based software suite and a new product, the CV2R cockpit voice and video recorder. Both are being featured at OuterLink’s booth (No. 2216).

CommTrack 2008 enables command and control of one or more vehicles across multiple locations and can display information in text, graphics (map) and satellite images for air, ground or marine tracking. It uses satellite imagery from Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth for accurate deployment and location of mobile assets.

OuterLink CommTrack satellite imaging map technology offers a high level of detail of highways, roads, buildings and landmarks. Its zoom and pan capability includes 3-D magnification of satellite photos. CommTrack 2008 GPS-based position reports display lat/long, messages, date and time, track, ground speed and altitude. CommTrack supports two-way communication between command centers and vehicles and can interface with any display system regardless of vendor.

The CV2R voice and video recorder features a continuous eight-hour recording loop of five audio, one data and optional video inputs. An integrated GPS engine allows the system to record critical position and track progress data in one-second intervals. The panel-mounted CVR includes a 16-gigabyte recording device. It may be purchased and installed independent of the integrated OuterLink solution.