HAI Convention News

Enstrom sells another two 480Bs here

 - February 25, 2008, 4:54 PM

Yesterday at Heli-Expo Booth No. 2231, Enstrom signed contracts for a 480B for delivery to Aero Inter of the Dominican Republic, and another copy for Aerolineas Ejecutivas (ALE), the fourth such Enstrom in as many months.

The 480B is bound for the Dominican Republic before the late spring of this year, and this short wait was described by Enstrom director of sales and marketing Tracy Biegler as having steered Aero Inter to the model against competing manufacturers. Aero Inter’s 480B is equipped with a Life Port Litter, which is the first example on this model, along with a Chelton EFIS 6.0B glass cockpit, only the third of its kind.

The latest 480B for Aerolineas Ejecutivas is fitted with special mounts and equipment for a high-definition aerial mapping and filming project beginning in Mexico City in June. The 480B is equipped with a Cineflex V14-4 HD camera to serve not only in the mapping project, but to gather and archive file footage for use in Mexican and other broadcast networks. After completing the aerial film work in Mexico City, the 480B will divert to at least two other Mexican film projects later this year.