HAI Convention News

New engines from old on Honeywell exhibit

 - February 25, 2008, 11:27 AM

Among the turbine engine programs Honeywell is featuring at Booth No. 2137 this week are a completely factory-remanufactured version of the venerable T53 that powered the Huey series and the brand-new HTS900 turboshaft for the Army Bell ARH-70A armed reconnaissance helicopter.

Phoenix-based Honeywell Engines will provide Eagle Copters (Booth No. 2263) with the latest T53 iteration for retrofit into Bell 205s and 212s. Meanwhile, Honeywell announced that its ARH-70A engine has successfully completed nearly 500 hours of flight testing.

Eagle Copters of Calgary, Alberta, holds two STCs for installation of the Honeywell T5317BCV, the product of a new FAA-certified remanufacturing process incorporating only OEM parts and carrying a four-year, 2,000-hour factory warranty. The T5317BCV engine produces 1,800 takeoff shp (thermodynamic), thanks in part to new technology such as PM Astroloy turbine disks, air-cooled turbine nozzles and blades and durability upgrades that extend the initial TBO to 5,000 hours.

Under an Eagle Copter STC, the T5317BCV is a type-certified Bell 205 drop-in replacement requiring no airframe modification. Another Eagle Copter certification, the Eagle Single on the Bell 212, replaces the original two turboshaft powerplants with the lone T5317BCV. This conversion provides greater lift performance while decreasing aircraft operating costs, said Doug Kult, Honeywell sales director for helicopters and surface systems. “Operators now have a one-stop shop for their Bell 205 and Eagle Single aircraft,” he said.